Benefits of DTG Printing for T-Shirts and Banners

Customization of fabrics is increasingly becoming popular with today’s styles and the trend of using custom-printed tees has now caught up with the tech available. The convenience of getting anything you want printed on a tee without  breaking the budget has made it extremely convenient for everyone who has a reason for customizing their tees. If you want to get a mascot, a graduation year, your business logo or anything else printed on t-shirts, then Direct to Garment (DTG) printing can be an ideal choice. Here a special garment printer takes the garment and directly prints on to it. With DTG printing, you can print on white as well as colored fabrics even black. Besides, the quality is simply amazing and is always consistent.

You can literally print any design of your choice on to your garments, including artwork and full-color photo printing. DTG printing technique also offers far more superior print quality as well as durability, when compared to heat transfers, which might start peeling off or get cracked after a few washes. This technique can be used for anything including custom t-shirts, promotional products, funny t-shirts, custom ink t-shirt designs, customized shirts as well as for making your own t-shirt.

What exactly is DTG Printing?

In this process, high-end printers spray ink directly on to the garment, imagine the bubblejet printer you have at home, just replace the printer paper with a tee. The fabric then undergoes the next process of heat pressing, which facilitates the bonding of the color with the cotton fibers of the garment. This results in a brilliant, fully colored fabric that is ready to wear. In addition, with DTG printing technique, there is no limit to the number of colors to be used at no extra cost. Furthermore, as there is no screen or set up involved, you can either get single or 10 tees printed, or can also get 10 tees printed with 10 different designs. This makes it ideal for small businesses, family reunions or anything that needs to be personalized on a small scale.

When Should You Consider DTG Printing?

DTG printing can be a perfect choice where using multiple colors could get too expensive. It can also be used where a detailed and an accurate color reproduction or the clarity are the major concerns, as in case of personalization or small runs. This can also be a great option when you want prints with detailed shading and gradients using numerous colors.

What are the Major Benefits of DTG Printing?

Although DTG printing technique seems a little too easy, the paybacks offered by this are worth evaluating. Here are a few benefits that make DTG printing highly recommended for small-scale customization:

  • No setting up costs or minimum number of products are required
  • Unlimited colors can be used for printing
  • Designs can be printed upon both white as well as colored garments
  • Get a sample within a snap
  • There is no feel of bulky heavy plastic
  • Complex images and photographs can be printed with unmatched vividness and clarity
  • Get one-offs as well as small orders printed at reasonable costs
  • Designs can be accurately printed without any compromise
  • There is no charge by color, thereby making the entire color printing extremely affordable

Apart from all the above advantages, the DTG inks thoroughly bind to the cotton fibers of the garment, making the design look like an integral part of the fabric. Summing up, getting your tees customized with your dream designs is now a cake walk with DTG printing!

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